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Abolish Don't abolish it
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Abolish the penny


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Don't abolish it

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Assertion: The penny costs more than how much it is worth.

Reasoning: It costs two cents to make a single penny. A penny is made of zinc and copper, so the zinc industries are paying money to keep the penny in the market, so they do not run out of business. Canada stopped making the penny in 2012, so why don’t we?

Evidence: It says in the passage, that to make one cent, it costs 1.67 cents. This does not seem like a big difference, but to make 100, 000,000 pennies it costs 1,000,000 extra dollars. This seems like a lot.

Assertion: Making the penny go away, won’t affect the memory of Abe Lincoln.

Reasoning: We already have Lincoln’s portrait on the front of the $5 bill and the memorial on the back, and the $5 bill is not going away any time soon. Also, why would we put such a great president on this one cent!

Evidence: Since the penny hurts the national economy, because handling the penny adds an average of 2 seconds for each transaction. Anyway, by abolishing the penny, we are not going to forget one of the greatest presidents, Abe Lincoln.

Assertion: The penny is worthless now.

Reasoning: Before, you could buy something with a penny, so it made sense that the penny was still being produced. At that time, there was something called the penny candy. Now, it costs at least a nickel to buy anything, even a little piece of gum.

Evidence: It says in the passage,”Assuming that the timing was correct before, the penny should have been eliminated in 1950, when the penny was worth what a dime is today.”

Side: Abolish
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Assertion: Taking away the penny makes the price for things grow.

Reasoning:For example, If a store had to round the price of a pizza slice that cost $1.97, it might be more likely to charge $2.00 than $1.95 - so you’d be paying three cents more than you used to. That might not sound bad. When we can save money, even 3 cents, why don’t you? Every penny counts.

Evidence:It says in the passage,”All prices would have to be rounded to the nearest nickel, so costs could go up. But those little extra costs would quickly add up.”

Assertion: Pennies help many charities.

Reasoning: One of these many charities are the many penny drives. Every penny counts in these charities. Taking away the penny closes down many charities that people have worked hard for. Saving many of the beautiful animals, such as the endangered panda, is very important. When you can save all these beautiful animals by just using some extra money to make the penny, then why wouldn’t you?

Evidence: It says in the passage that people collected over 70 million pennies in most countries in penny drives. This means over 700,000 dollars.

Assertion: Many people believe that a penny is good luck.

Reasoning:Taking away the penny is like taking away luck. Many pennies are prized collectibles. Abraham Lincoln, one of the the country’s most beloved leaders, is on the penny, so many people don’t want to abolish the penny.

Evidence: It says in the article,”Indeed, a 2012 survey found that two-thirds of adults want to keep the coin.” This is my last reason to tell you why I think we should not abolish the penny.

Side: Don't abolish it