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RSS King_Keyon

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1. Assertion- European countries aren't accepting refugees they are actually accepting illegal immigrants.

Reasoning- Most of the people migrating to Europe are considered invaders.

Evidence- Germany accepted 800,000 immigrants but now Germany has about 1,000,000 immigrants from the middle east and Africa. This is proof that 200,000 invaders/illegal immigrants have entered Germany.

2. Assertion- European citizens should not have to suffer because of illegal immigrants.

Reasoning- If the population of a European country increases than the resources that each original citizen deserves decreases.

Evidence- Some countries in Europe hardly have enough resources for the people the already have so how should they produce fuel, water, food, and shelter for thousands of immigrants.

1 point

1. Assertion- Cigarettes are bad for your your health

Reasoning- Cigarettes can cause throat and lung cancer. Cigarettes can also cause severe throat infections and even sinus infection.

Evidence- 65% of long-time smokers get cancer and 40% of long-time smokers die because of smoking.

2. Assertion- Cigarettes are bad for the economy

Reasoning- lots of money is spent on cigars worldwide

Evidence-75 billion dollars are used on cigarettes each year in the US.

Note- this large sum of money can be used for more important things like cancer research.

3. Assertion- Cigarettes make non-smokers pay extra

Reasoning- When smokers get ill and go to hospitals it makes the society pay for their care.

Evidence- When a smoker gets sick and goes to a hospital civilians that use the same insurance as the smoker must pay for the expenses of the smoker.

4. Assertion- Cigarettes cannot be stopped.

Reasoning- Tobacco is addictive and very hard to stop once you have started to smoke.

Evidence- 8/10 people that start smoking become long-time smokers.

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