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RSS Shyam19

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Abolishing the penny makes sense !

Hello my name is Shyam Parikh and I am on the proposition side for this debate. I would like to abolish the penny.

#1 Assertion: Pennies are too expensive

#1 Reasoning: From 2006 to 2015,the price to make a penny was above one cent. In 2011, the price was above two cents. It will be very costly for the U.S. government and U.S. taxpayers to pay all the money for the pennies. Pennies have resulted in the two times the loss from producing them. We lost 42.6 million from making pennies and nickels in 2010.

#1 Evidence:In the U.S. Mint's Annual Report 2010 talks about the cost and the shipment payment of the pennies.I found about this at

#2 Assertion: There is nothing you can buy with the penny

#2 Reasoning: Before you could buy many candies with one cent. Right now, you can not buy anything with one cent. In vending machines you can not buy anything for one cent right now. Pennies get rounded up to the nearest nickel. If something cost 2.79 dollars you would round it to 2.80 dollars. Canada stopped making pennies in 2012.

#2 Evidence: It says you could treat yourself to a candy feast.It also says there is nothing we can buy with a penny. All prices would be rounded to the nearest nickel. I found all of this information at

#3 Assertion: The penny is a useless coin

#3 Reasoning: They got rid of the half-dollar coin. If you think about it, the half-dollar coin could be easily rounded.Stores such as Walgreen's and the National Association of Convenience Stores estimated that it wastes 2 seconds of that transaction. Since there are about 107 billion cash transactions a year, we are wasting 102 million hours counting the pennies and other coins. The Army and Air Force said that they are" "too heavy and not cost-effective to ship."5 Pennies weigh 12.5 grams.

#3 Evidence: In the article it talks how the penny affects our national economy. The half-dollar was no longer made after 1950. You can find all of this information at

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