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RSS Moirules5

Reward Points:6
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1 point

Hello my name is Siya and I am here to state why the penny shouldn't be abolished

here are some of my facts that state why

A-many people say yes (59%)

R-people need pennies even though it is expensive the nickle is expensive to

E-a nickel cost 8 cent

A-it wouldn't be possible to run organizations that help people

R-an organization like Pennies for the Poor use pennies to help poor people

E-Many people don't mind donating a penny because of its value and hen millions of pennies come together that makes a lot of money

A-Prices would increase

R-If something is $9.99 the price would increase to $10.00

E-this would affect the economy

1 point

Hello!My name is Siya and I am stating that the penny should be abolish the penny here is why

A-You can't buy anything with a penny

R-Before you could buy things for a cent like bubblegum now this stuff costs maybe a dollar

E-a bubblegum isn't sold in singles anymore

A-a waste of money to make a penny

R-zinc is very expensive

E- a penny costs $1.67 that is 167x the value of the penny

A-money is usually rounded

R-if something is for $8.99 you will pay only a cent extra

E-49% say yes to rounding (

1 point

Hello I am on the opposition side of this debate stating that cigarettes should not be

Fact:49% say yes to smoking

Assertion:Government gets money off of cigarette boxes

Reasoning:high taxes

Evidence:the taxes of a cigarette box is $1.01

Assertion: People have their own right to make decisions of their body

Reasoning:It gives precaution on a cigarette box

Evidence:It says on cigarette boxes that WARNING THIS PRODUCT


Assertion:If the government makes cigarettes illegal most people will still smoke from smuggled goods or take in another form of nicotine which still does damage

Reasoning:Nicotine is addicting

Evidence: states that nicotine is addicting

Source : and

1 point

Hello I am on the proposition side of this debate stating that Cigarettes should be illegal

Assertion:Cigarettes cause cancer and changes in appearance

Reasoning:You can get yellow teeth and can die

Evidence:It kills hundreds of thousands of Americans each year

Assertion:2nd hand smoking causes harm

Reasoning:When you smoke it affects you and everyone around you

Evidence:Have poisonous chemicals and statistics show that parents that smoke their kids are prone to more coughs and colds if you go to a doctors office one of the first things that the doctors will ask is if there is a smoker in the family

Assertion:Bad influence

Reasoning:Children may think that because someone around them is smoking it is okay or "cool" to smoke this can affect our generation and the new one

Evidence:Statistics show that if an adult is smoking Children may start to smoke which leads to underage smoking

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