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1 point

Hi my name is Vishnu Gade and I believe that we SHOULD accept refugees.

Assertion:If Europe doesn't let the refuges in that will cause a lot of deaths from of ISIS.

Reasoning: The people will be forced to hide where they are. Therefore is it esier for ISIS to find refuges and threaten for a ransom.

Evidence: About 4 million people come from Syria to Europe. If Europe doesn't let the people. The majority of the remaining people will be captured.

1 point

Hi my name is Vishnu Gade and I strongly believe that the Federal Government has not failed to rebuild the East Coast after Hurricane Katrina.

Assertion: After Hurricane Katrina many people without homes were given enough money to get a house.

Reasoning: HUD, or Housing and Urban Development, has been working very hard to build or rebuild houses for people who have lost homes during natural Disasters.

Evidence: After Hurricane Katrina HUD was given 16.7 million dollars to rebuild homes for the people who have lost their homes during the storm.

1 point

Hi my name is Vishnu Gade. I believe the penny shouldn't be abolished.

Assertion: Thing that cost less than 5 cents less than a dollar will cost more.

Reasoning every time you got to a shop the price will go up a lot of you are getting item that cost $50 or more.

Evidence: Say you buy items worth 50$ altogether now. If we abolish the penny the same item will probably cost $53.You might think that's not much. Okay I agree with you. But then what happens when you got to popular retailers. Most of the population buys items worth more than $100 altogether now. If we abolish the penny the same items might cost.$110.

Therefore I know that the opposition side has won the debate.

1 point

Hi my name is Vishnu Gade. I strongly do not support the topic that cigarettes should be illegal.

Assertion: It will create a place for cigarettes in the black market

Reasoning:It is a very addictive item if it taken away the black market will not miss the chance.

Evidence: If we make cigarettes illegal, we are giving the black market a chance to make a ton of money. Plus the people who don't have access to the black market might start a war like the drug war. Except way worse.

Therefor I know that the opposition side has won the debate.

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